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Hooray for Florida stone crabs!

If you like seafood, and you live in Florida (or at least visit on a regular basis), this may be one of your favorite times of the year — stone crab season. Between Oct. 15 and May 15, it is legal to harvest stone crabs from Florida’s waters, and they sure are good.

Actually, to be more accurate, it is legal to take stone crab CLAWS — it is not legal to keep the whole stone crab. You can trap the stone crab, pop off the claws if they are of legal size (“pop off” sounds a whole lot better than “tear off”, doesn’t it?) and then return the crab to the water. Stone crabs can regenerate their claws, and many do so four or five times over the span of their lives.

You can’t take females with eggs, and the claws have to be at least 2 3/4 inches across. It is legal to take both claws if they are of legal size, but many experts believe it is better to take just one, since the crab’s chances for survival are much better if one of the claws remains.

Every year at this time, Frenchy’s restaurants on Clearweater Beach (there are four of them) host a big stone crab festival. Frenchy’s Saltwater Cafe and Rockaway Grill (two of the four Frenchy’s restaurants) will have tents set up outside, and the live music will be throbbing and the beer will be flowing.

This will be Frenchy’s 22nd annual Stone Crab Weekend. It runs between 11 a.m. and 11 p.m. today through Sunday. You can learn more at their website,

We don’t have a review of any of the Frenchy’s restaurants on our website yet, but I think the stone crab festival will be a good excuse to do one.

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A day watching the Bucs win

If you live in this part of the world, you know that tyhe south, the stater of Florida and Tampa Bay are all rabid football areas. And in Tampa Bay, the Buccanneers rule.


I’m from Maine, which is not exactly a football paradise. But once we moved to Florida we got into the swing of things and got Bucs Fever, even before theteam got sold to new owners and began winning.

We have some friends who have season tickets, and sometimes if we are real nice to them they invite us to join them for a game. So that’s where we spent yesterday — at Raymond James Stadium, watching the Bucs edge out the Cincinnati Bengals 14-13 for their first win of the season.

Before the game we tailgated in the parking lot, feasting on burgers, chicken and other goodies with Rick and Joanne, other friends Brian and Debbie and assorted other friends and family members. It was a great day.

There’s a picture of me here enjoying the game, along with an action picture of the game as well as a picture of the Bucs pirate ship in the end zone. Raymond James Stadium is a fun place — they fire cannons on the ship whenever the Bucs score, or when they get within the 20-yard line.

You know all this already if you live here. But if you are thinking of relocating to Tampa Bay, following the Bucs is something you might really enjoy.

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The snowblower from hell

The snowblower from hell

The snowblower from hell

If you look back in the archive of this blog you will find a picture of an old snowblower sitting out on the front yard of a Palm Harbor house.

I figured the homeowners had put it out there as a sort of short-term joke and that the snowblower would disappear before long. But it’s still sitting out there and, in fact, the homeowners have dressed it up for Halloween, complete with a real creepy snowblower operator. Also, note the feet sticking out of the snowblower’s maw.
Don’t know if you can read the sign on the wall behind the snowblower, but it says “Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much.” These folks must take that motto seriously, at least the “Laugh Often” part.

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Hitting the bricks in Tarpon Springs

If you love historic old brick streets enough to actually work on them, the city of Tarpon Springs has a great deal for you.

Tarpon Springs decided a few years ago that one way to preserve the old brick streets within the community was to offer local residents the opportunity to rebuild and repair the streets on a volunteer basis.

City officials learned that the city of Punta Gorda, Florida, had a similar program that was working very well. So last fall they decided to give it a try in Tarpon Springs, asking local volunteers to help with the reconstruction of Cedar Street.

The city hired a professional contractor to prep the street, remove the old bricking and install new water and storm sewer lines. Then the volunteers were turned loose to install the bricks.

It worked out so well on Cedar Street that the city is now having a contractor prep Bay Street from S Spring Boulevard to Lime Street. Once Bay Street is rebuilt, some other historic brick streets in town may be rebuilt with volunteer labor, too.

Want to learn more, and maybe take part? Get in touch with the Tarpon Springs Engineering Division at 727-938-3711.

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Boston Cooker restaurant


By the time we got over to the Boston Cooker stand, they were running out of food, but they still had some fine lobster bisque and some shrimp in a light batter that we enjoyed. Boston Cooker is located on the corner of Tampa Road and Forest Lakes in Oldsmar, directly behind Chili’s in the Forest Lakes Plaza. They fly in seafood every day from Boston — the food is fresh and very good.


Cody’s Steak House


Cody’s was on hand with ribs and a number of other offerings. Cody’s is a very good steak house that offers good food at moderate prices — a great place for the family. There are a number of Cody’s locations in the Tampa Bay area, but the closest one to us is in Tarpon Springs, at 39870 U.S. 19 N.

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Snapper’s Bar and Grille


Another of the restaurants taking part in the Taste of Palm Harbor was Snapper’s Bar & Grill. I had some spicy chicken wings and some great french fries.

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Palm Harbor Fire Rescue

Because Palm Harbor Fire Rescue was celebrating its 50th anniversary at the same time as the Taste of Palm Harbor festivities, there were plenty of old fire trucks in attendance. This was one of them.

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Eagle from the Lowry Park Zoo

This American Eagle looks so perfect that he almost doesn’t look real in this picture, but he was very much alive and regal looking. The Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa sent this fine eagle over to the Taste of Palm Harbor, and he got quite a reaction from the crowd.


Taste of Palm Harbor


Here’s another view of the crowd that showed up at the taste of Palm Harbor event this afternoon (Sunday, Oct. 1)


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