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Dunedin’s Jollimon’s Grill worth finding

restaurant review pics 013You could drive through Dunedin a hundred times and never see Jollimon’s Grill. It’s not on a main drag — in fact, it’s not even visible from any of Dunedin’s main streets. If you’re on Main Street, standing in front of Cafe Alfresco, you’ll have to hop onto the nearby Pinellas Trail and walk a couple of blocks north. Cross Monroe and then watch to the left  — Jollimon’s  nestles right up to the trail, and you’ll know it from the umbrellas in the courtyard dining area. It’s actually on Huntly Avenue, which is a street you could spend your entire life not knowing about.

But you’ll be glad you found the place.

Florida has no end of Key West-type eateries, places that try hard for casual dining and specialize in Florida-style seafood. There’s a whole range of formality to these places, and Jollimon’s is definitely on the tee-shirt-and-cutoffs end of the scale.

But don’t let the funk put you off. This is a great local place and a great value. The burgers are as good as you will find anywhere, and they will happilyadd on or take off ingredients to your heart’s content. Want tywo patties, or even three? Just ask.

I tried the crab chowder this weekend, and it was spicy, chock full of crabmeat, and VERY good.

Jollimon’s has a pretty cool website,, and you can review the menu for yourself.

Murals adorn the walls of Palm Harbor real estate

If you’ve ever browsed through this blog before (yeah, I know, I haven’t exactly been a blogging fool lately), you probably know I enjoy finding and photographing murals in Pinellas County.

new mural


For some reason, this area is just brimming with murals of all kinds. Tampa, St. Pete and Clearwater are the best places to find them, but murals are all over the place if you just keep your eyes open.

Recently, I was coming out of the Publix near the corner of Alt. 19 and Alderman and I happened to look across the parking lot at the back of a strip mall building.  Sure enough– a bright, very graphic mural showing sunshine and a big, breaking wave. I didn’t see an artist’s signature, but the next time I’m there I’ll look a little more carefully. If I can find out who did the work, I’ll share it here.

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