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About Me

I started out in the real estate business in central Maine almost 30 years ago. After a number of years listing and selling residential real estate, I entered the mortgage business and wrote financing on residential property throughout southern and central Maine.

beth-lobster-small-285x300In 1993, we moved from Maine to Tampa Bay, and I worked here in the mortgage business for several years before moving back into residential real estate in North Pinellas County.

My real estate career has spanned all sorts of good and bad times, from the 20 percent interest rates of the early 1980s to the boom years of the mid-2000s to the sharp declines in sales and values of the past few years.

Circumstances have changed, but one thing has remained constant — my desire to stay on top of rapidly-shifting markets and provide informed, friendly, high-level service to my clients. I’ll be your friend and advocate as we move through the buying or selling process.

North Pinellas County is a great place to sell real estate. It is also a great place to buy real estate, to retire, or to raise a family. I can help you find the right property, get the very best price possible for the home that you would like to sell, and give you knowledgeable counsel on the financing you need to make your purchase happen.

This blog you are visiting is one of the best real estate blogs in this area. It contains all kinds of information on the local real estate market, as well as info on what it is like to live in North Pinellas County. Things to do? Places to eat? Trends in the local real estate market?  It’s all right here. I post several times a week, so you should find new, fresh information on my blog whenever you stop by.  Visit often!

On the front page of the blog, up near the top, is a button labeled “Home Search.” If you go there, you can browse through the local Multiple Listing Service to your heart’s content, sifting through listings by price, by location, or by any number of other factors. Use this as frequently as you like — no one will bother you as you look around.

Call me at 727-643-7100. Let’s talk.