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birds 020As I’ve noted here before, there’s no lack of birds and wildlife in the area of Dunedin, FL where we live. We spotted this osprey perched in a pine tree near our house, enjoying a fish lunch.

Waterfowl love living in Dunedin

As I’ve said before here, I love Florida’s birds — they are one of things that make living here so interesting.

crane in pondThere’s a pond a few steps from my back door, and it attracts all sorts of different birds. There’s a family of ducks that live there, and they are there every day, but other waterfowl pop in for vistits pretty regularly.

I was outside the other day when this big guy dropped in. I think it’s a heron of some sort, but I’m no expert and I couldn’t find a picture on the internet of a bird that exactly matched this fellow, so I’m not really sure what he is. If you recognize it, please post what you know.

What’s the point of bird pictures on a blog that specializes in Pinellas County real estate? Good question. But it’s my blog, and I like birds, so you can expect to see some photos of birds that I come across in Pinellas County. This particular guy is in Dunedin, a little south of Palm Harbor.

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Ducks living happily in the middle of Dunedin real estate

One of the things I love most about Florida is all the birds. Some of them are pretty exotic, such as the cranes and flamingoes and the flocks of wild parrots that you see in some places. Others, like these two ducks, are commonplace just about anywhere, but still neat to watch and to photograph.

ducks 2These two ducks live in a marshy pond that is on the edge of a golf course right next to our Dunedin condo. Taking this picture involved stepping out the back door and walking maybe 20 steps to the end of the water. These guys must see enough golfers every day that they hardly took any note of my presence at all.

Usually the Christmas holidays bring the real estate business in Pinellas County to pretty much of a halt. That hasn’t really been the case this year. My phone has been ringing steadily — people were calling to look at property on Christmas Eve, and then again on the day after Christmas. Also, the entire month of December has been pretty busy. I’m not sure if that means anything in terms of trends, but I’m always happy to see an active Pinellas County real estate market, whatever the reason.

I do think we can expect a pretty active real estate period starting right after the New Year. Are you thinking about buying or selling a home in Pinellas County in the next few weeks or months? Now is a good time to get the ball rolling. Give me a call anytime at 727-643-7100, or e-mail me at [email protected].

Nature’s paradise in Cross Creek

woodstream pier 1I don’t usually broadcast individual homes that are for sale on this blog, but I’m offering an absolute gem in Cross Creek in Oldsmar that you really have to see. It’s immaculate and beautifully decorated, but the truly gorgeous feature is what’s out back — a dock that overlooks a small river, with an island nature reserve on the other side.

The pictures tell the story, so click below and take a look at the photo gallery on the website I put together for this outstanding property.

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Florida birds

one legged birdOne thing I really love about living in Florida is the many species of birds that you see all the time – everything from flamingos to pelicans to wild parrots. We saw this little guy a few days ago when we stopped in Hudson Beach (that’s in Pasco County) for lunch after a listing presentation. I loved how he had one leg tucked up underneath himself as he stood in the water.